Str8 Magnifier

Str8 Magnifier

500,00 DKK

Vejl. udsalgspris 530,00 DKK

Kan bruges til Moscompass

Til Moscompass tages de små skruer af, og så sætter med kompasset "ind" i elastikken. Mail evt til O-Butikken for instruktion ;-)


Producenten skriver:

The Str8 Magnifier is manufactured with materials of premium quality. The strong aluminium body makes the magnifier robust - an important feature in a tough sport as orienteering.

When fitted to the compass, the magnifier sits in a perfect position over the tip of the compass, making sure that you can see both your position on the map and the map itself. 

Detail in Every Element
•Sleek and ergonomic design
•High quality bolt in metallic blue and red
•Optimal Magnification
•360° Rotation 
•Secure 3-point Fit 
•Lightweight Aluminium Body
•Accurate Position Magification Glass

The Str8 Magnifier is fitted to the compass with a secure 3-Point Fit.

Str8 Crash Replacement Program

Str8 compass has introduced the following program to help athletes in the event of a crash or impact through normal use of the Str8 compass or magni?er.

How the program works:

The following conditions apply to all Crash or Impact replacements:
1.Str8 will replace the same model or nearest equivalent at 40% off current recommended Retail Price ( as stated on the Str8 compass web site ) plus Euro 10,- for postage and handling.
2.Applies to all Str8 compasses and magni?ers purchased one year previously ( 12 months )
3.Customer must provide the original proof of purchase receipt.

The original compass or magni?er must be returned at the customers expense to Str8:
 "Str8 crash replacement”
 65100 VASA

Please contact for details.

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