Bobler i kompasser - fra Moscompass

FAQ - What should be done if there is an air bubble in the orienteering compass?

In the majority of modern sport compasses, liquid is used to reduce needle oscillations. When the ambient temperature decreases, the volume of liquid is reduced considerably more than the material of the compass capsule. This can lead to the formation of an air bubble in the compass.
«Moscompass» products, like liquid compasses produced by other companies, have guaranteed functioning at temperatures above zero (0 to + 50 degrees Celsius).
At temperatures below zero, the formation of bubbles in compasses is possible (but it is not obligatorily). When a compass is placed in warm conditions, bubbles tend to disappear, and in future, they might not appear even in cold weather (plastic material after such "training" becomes more elastic).
The use of a compass at the height of 500 metres above the sea level may also lead to the formation of air bubbles.