VJ Bold 8 (2017)

VJ Bold 8 (2017)

699,00 DKK

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VJ Bold 8 (2017) Smal læst.


VJ Sport skriver:

Bold 8 

  • Features

    • racer
    • narrow width
    • Schoeller®-Keprotec®-upper material
    • FITLOCK-system
    • shaped insole
    • 12 starstuds over the forefoot and heel
    • 2 studs in the arch
    • sizes: UK 7.5-12 (men), UK 3-7 (women)
    • weight (UK 8): 245 g
    • drop 5 mm

Skoen har 2 starstuds under svangen, så træstammer og lignende lettere forceres uden at foden glider til siden.


    • Schoeller®-Keprotec®

      Schoeller® – Keprotec® is a swiss innovation. This fabric is made using only the high quality materials. The fabric contains Kevlar®, an armide fiber which is five times stronger than steel. Schoeller® – Keprotec® provides you excellent protection, it is tear and temperature resistant and guarantees you high level of comfort.

      Schoeller® – Keprotec® material provides special characters for wet conditions. The material itself is waterproof. The morning dew stays outside of the shoe. If water comes in from the throat, it will be pumped out through the seams causing vacuum-efect. So the upper follows the shape of the foot even closer and this keeps the amount of water inside the shoe the smallest possible.





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