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Introducing the Str8 Evo!

Str8 is the most innovative high performance compass brand on the market and the latest release Str8 Evo breaks new ground for high performance at a mid level price.

Motivated by the belief that good design has the capacity to enhance all performances, Str8’s quest to offer a compass that improves accuracy of navigating, enhances enjoyment and reliably out performs the competition is now available with the Str8 Evo.

Innovation by Design

  • Adjustable thumb angle. +/- 20 degrees
  • Offset capsule, 6mm
  • Full View Main Pointer 89mm
  • Low resistance technology needle
  • Line of sight twin outside pointers
  • Ergonomic design

Detail In Every Element

  • Hardened capsule protector
  • 5mm hi-strength body
  • Precise positioning tip
  • Firm feel strap
  • Magnifier mounting points
  • Compatible with Str8 Magnifier